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Quicken Online Backup

What Is Quicken Online Backup? How to Backup Quicken File

The Quicken Online Backup is a stand-alone add-on tool that can be used with other Quicken programs, such as Quicken Rental Property Manager, Quicken Bill Pay, Quicken Rewards Visa Card, and other Quicken services. However, the program displays an icon on the System Tray. By clicking with any of those icon will launch the application and double-clicking it will display a drop-down menu. The first backup of files may take a few time to complete, depending on the Internet connection and the number of files to be backed-up.

The Quicken Online Backup however is purchased separately, but can be tried free for 30 days after which it must be purchased. It is somehow a little bit expensive but frequent to access. This application is being set to automatically back up your files and data, and even also being used incremental backups. All backed-up information are encrypted and compressed. Get to know how to make use of this online backup application via Quicken Online Backup Support. Users get instant support for backup related issues. This online support service is available all round the clock for proffering proper assistance on Quicken Backup services.

Quicken Online Backup

Know Process to Restore Your Data Via Quicken Backup Support

When you back up your Quicken data, then the financial information including reports, passwords, accounts, and attachments will be maintained. This is a way to safeguard your file records in case of computer failure or as a means of moving your data from one computer to another. Do you know, a Quicken data file has the extension. QDF while a Quicken backup file has the extension. QDF-Backup. Therefore, if you have completely backup your Quicken file, you need to save it with the following extension.

However, sometimes it’s high chance to struggle with some unexpected error while accessing your Quicken online backup account or downloading backup files or updating information on it. Hence, that's why we recommend you to contact our team of highly educated and talented tech-savvy for grabbing within a pinch Quicken Online Backup Help. Let them a chance to help you restore the files. There are also few possibilities of data corruption when your computer gets attached by some type of malware or virus infection. We highly recommend all user to protect their devices with some strong antivirus or internet security program, which will not only protect the device but also Quicken software and data information.

Efficacious Procedure to Back up Your Quicken File in Dropbox

If you would like to Restore a Quicken Backup Online that you’ve kept it up Dropbox.com, then simply open Dropbox and drag the file to your laptop or desktop. At that point, open Quicken and re-establish the re-enforcement that you’ve saved on your work area. It’s necessary to not restore a file directly from Dropbox, as this may cause file damage.

  • Backup your Quicken file using Dropbox in Windows: The first thing you need to set up Dropbox on your PC, then you can back up any file by placing in the Dropbox folder. All files in your Dropbox folder are automatically saved to Dropbox each time a file is added or modified.
  • Manually Backup the Files Using Dropbox: You can create a separate folder in Dropbox and add your Quicken backups on to this folder from Quicken. Do it by following steps:
    • Create a new folder in your Dropbox folder
    • Open Quicken and go to File > Backup and Restore > Backup Quicken File
    • In Quicken Backup Window –
    • Check the add date to backup file name checkbox
    • Choose the first option: Backup on my PC or hard drive
    • Press the "Change" button next to the backup file name
    • A save window will pop up
    • Go to the Dropbox folder and find the “Quicken Backup Files” folder that you have created earlier and then press 'Open'
    • After that click on "Save" button
    • Press "Backup Now" on the Quicken Backup Window
    • It will take few time to complete the backup process

Benefits of Backup Quicken Online

The set of principal benefits of Online Quicken Backup Application Are as:

  • The data and file will be safe and secure
  • The Online Quicken Backup is being exited to any cloud service such as Amazon, S3
  • It takes a few minutes to restore information depending on the numbers of file
  • This application has the ability to sort and manage versions of one backup data set
  • Full incremental or differential data backup to save both time and space
Back up Your Quicken File in Dropbox

As it is known to all of us that computer might get crashed suddenly due to some technical glitches and all the Quicken related data as well as information will be lost. That's why we suggest you to before facing such hurdle, just do Quicken Backup Online as early as possible as precaution is better than cure.

Avail Quicken Online Backup Customer Service for Effective Ideas

It is recommended to all the users to back up the recent work you did on your software. Sometimes few unexpected errors on the device may harm your Quicken files and corrupt the data but timely backup files can still help you restoring the software back in working condition. You can get more efficacious ideas via dialing Quicken Online Backup Customer Service Number. One of our proficient technicians will link you up and proffer you the best solution of your related queries.

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