How To Use Quicken Data File Extension For Windows, Mac, And DOS

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Quicken Data File Extension

When you download the data file in Quicken, a specific set of characters is added at the end of the filename. Such a group of characters used at the end of the filename is called Quicken Data File Extension. Though, there are numerous types of Quicken file extensions such as: qel, .qdf, .qph, .qsd, .qdt, and a lot more. All these extensions are named according to the operation they execute. However, it is also true that Windows uses a default program to open the Quicken data file. But, if that particular application is not appearing in the computer, you probably face problems while opening the related document. Stay tuned with this article to learn all about the set of file extensions and the right ways to open them.

What Is Quicken Data File Extension?

Quicken is personal financial management software that allows managing expenses, generating monthly income, tacking investments, and more. Furthermore, Quicken always stores downloaded data in the default location depending on the version of your Quicken. In general, Quicken stores all data for a group of accounts and transactions in a single data file. However, multiple Quicken Data Files could be accessed especially when you would like to keep accounts separate.

Quicken Data File Extension

A-List-Of Quicken Data File Extension

In the beneath section, we have gathered the number of Quicken Data File Extension for Windows, Mac, and DOS. The first file extension is always the primary data file or QDF and all the other extensions are auxiliary files. Those additional files consist of tax file information or an online banking setup. Here’s what you have to look at:

Quicken 2015 And Current Released:

QDF (Primary File)

The QDF file extension is a primary file that comprises account balances, portfolios, transactions, and other additional info. QDF is often known as a monetary data format therefore, you can frequently use it for personal financial goals. However, it’s affixed with “.qdf” Quicken Data File Extension, and the directory of these files is C:\Users\[User Name]\My Documents\Quicken\.

Software Used To Open .QDF File

Generally, Intuit Quicken 2013 is the software that is being accessed for opening the .QDF document.

Unsupported Versions

Quicken 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014

  • QDF (Primary File)

Quicken 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009

  • QDF (Primary File)
  • QEL

QEL files are used as data files that contain account setup information and a record of banking institutions. Additionally, they also have previously downloaded transactions and online bills. If your QEL files get deleted all of a sudden, don’t panic! The deleted files will automatically be generated when the online banking server is active or a good connection is established.

Software Used To Open .QEL File

Intuit Quicken 2013 is software that is being preferred to be accessed at the time of opening the .QFL file.

Can’t Open .QEL File?

You will be able to open the .QEL File only when your Windows recognizes the file extension. If it doesn’t, you can receive an error message saying: “Can’t open this file.” However, there is a way through which you can get rid of this error issue. Here are the required fixing procedures you need to perform:

  • First and forecast, you have to open the Control Panel from the Windows search box.
  • Thereafter, go to the “Control Panel Home”.
  • The next step is to open “Default Programs” after which “Set Associations”.
  • In addition, choose a file type from the appeared list and then click on the “Check Program” tab.

QPH File

QPH is a cryptonym of Quicken Price History and its file extension is ‘.qph’. In other words, QPH keeps the cost record stored or downloaded by the Quicken account for investments. These files also comprise the historical past of inventory costs.

Software Used To Open QPH File

Intuit Quicken 2013 is the genuine software application purposely uses to open the QPH file.

IDX File

IDX file is an extension that effectively helps to enhance searching speed in the database. Moreover, the document includes subtitle texts of the film and saves with .AVI and >MKV extensions.

Software Used To Open IDX File

  • Cyber Link Power DVD 12
  • Video LAN VLC Media participant

Quicken 2004

  • QDF (Primary File)
  • QSD

Quicken data file is typically saved with .qsd extension which includes financial record and sponsored with.QDF, .QPH, and .QEL files. You can however locate this document only in Quicken 2004 or later versions. Consequently, those files are placed in C:\QuickenW or C:\Program Files\Quicken or C:\Program Files\Intuit\Quicken.

Software Used To Open QSD File

Intuit Quicken 2013 is the only application by which you can open your .QSD file in Quicken.

Quicken 2001, 2002, and 2003:

  • QDF (number one document)
  • QSD
  • QEL
  • QPH

Quicken 98, 99, and 2000:

  • QDF (number one document)
  • QSD
  • QEL

Quicken Win 5 and 6

QBD (Primary File)

QDB is an acronym of Quicken Data Backup which is automatically created by Quicken Five and Six. This file usually stored users’ personal monetary info in a proprietary format. Moreover, the file changes to the QDF structure in Quicken 9, 8, and the latest version.

Can’t Open .QBD File?

You can open the QMD file only when Windows identifies the real file extensions. If it doesn’t acknowledge, you may receive an error statement: “can’t open this document” while opening the file. You can rectify this mistake with no effort, for sure.

To Avoid This Mistake Your Wishes Right Kind Affiliation

  • First, open the Control Panel and then go to Control Panel Home.
  • The consecutive step is to open Default Programs after which Set Associations.
  • In the end, make a selection of your file type from the record and then click on Check Program.

Quicken Win 3 And 4 (DOS 6-8)

QDT (Primary File)

This file is being utilized by only Quicken 3 & 4, referred to as the financial data file. QDT is transformed by QDB in 98, 99, 2000, and QDF in upgraded versions.

QNX File

Can’t Open QNX File?

You can open such an explicit file only when Windows recognizes the file extension. If it fails to identify the Quicken Data File Extension, you may receive an error message.  The message states “can’t open this document” and prevents you from opening the file. You can annihilate this error problem with simple fixing tricks.

To Rectify The Error Your Wishes Accurate Affiliation

  • First, open the Control Panel and then go to Control Panel Home.
  • Thereafter, open Default Programs after which Set Associations.
  • Finally, make a selection of your file type from the record and click on Check Program.

Quicken Win 1 and 2 (DOS 3-5)

  • QDT (Primary file)
  • QMT
  • QDI
  • QNX

QCH File

QCH file format precisely stands for Quicken DOS Data.

  • The QCH document is probably not connected with the software that is already installed to support the file.
  • The file is corrupt or damaged. That’s why it is extremely essential to download the file again from the same format.

QIX File

How To Open A QIX File?

  • Download the accurate Quicken software and install it appropriately in your Windows system.
  • Afterward, adjust the application as default just to access the QIX document.

File Sometimes May Not Open Due To Following Reasons:

  • Corrupt QIX file.
  • Malicious QIX document.
  • The file got deleted by-mistakenly.
  • Inappropriate or wrong file association with a software application.

QML File

QML is one of those language files efficiently utilized by Qt SDK. It is a desktop, mobile, and UI construction framework for C++ and QML languages. The document stores JavaScript-based QML source code mostly used for improving equipment and mobile programs.

Quicken DOS 1*

  • DAT
  • And DAT
  • DAT

Each and every account has these three files. Quicken DOS 1 creates a subdirectory equivalent to C:\Quicken\Checking\CHECKREG.DAT


  • Quicken Home Inventory: idb
  • Address Book (in QDF after Quicken 99): ABD
  • QuickPay Windows 3.0 (unsupported): QPD
  • Quicken Financial Planner (unsupported): QFP
  • Quicken Rental Property Manager v2 (unsupported):QRP

 How to Open IDX, QSD, QDB, QMD, QDT, QST, QDI, QNX, QCH, and QML Files?

Procedure 1:

  • First, place a double-tap on the “IDX file”.
  • Doing so the document will open in Notepad.
  • Next, give a right-click on the “IDX” file and choose the “Open With” option.
  • For MAC OS X, select the “Get Info” tab.
  • And then give a click on the “Open With” option.
  • Finally, opt for any textual content editing platform (WordPad, Notepad, and TextEdit) and open it now.

Procedure 2:

  • First and foremost, put a right-click on the IDX document and then select either of these options. “Properties” or “Get Info”.
  • Meanwhile, check the details to decide the source of the IDX file.
  • In the end, open the program and then open the IDX file.

How to Open QDF, QEL, QML, and QPH Files?

  • Firstly, give a double-tap on the “.qdf” file after launching it.
  • Doing so a .qdf file will open but only when it is genuinely connected with certain software.
  • In order to open the .qdf document, you have to download or purchase a particular software or application program.

There are the right procedures of How To Open Data Files In Windows, Mac, and DOS. Follow carefully one by one if you really want your Quicken storage data file to open without any complications.

Glitches With The Files In QDI, QMT, And QMD Format:

  • Damaged QMD document.
  • Wrong association to QMD file.
  • QMD file deleted unintentionally.
  • Incorrect software Installation problems.
  • The file is infected by the virus.
  • Outdated Computer drivers.

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This blog post has clearly explained how to open and use Quicken Data File Extension. With the help of the aforementioned instructive pieces of information, you can analyze the purpose of each extension file. For additional help & support, you can call us anytime via dialing the provided helpline number. Feel free to get in touch with our qualified team of tech specialists to obtain quality assistance at an affordable cost.


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