Whenever you try to download your transaction from the financial institution to Quicken there is a chance of experiencing Quicken Download Error 106, 324, 168, 999, Or -30. These problematic errors generally happen because of the changes have been made at your bank’s website or your bank switched to a new account. When facing this issue, you won’t be able to find out your bank account while logging in to the bank’s website. For eradicating the Quicken Download Error 324 in most convenient way, you are needed to walk through the post. In this article you will come to know the real causes of this problem and actual guides to fix it. Within a couple of minute, you can hassle-freely login to your bank account and download the transaction frequently from the financial institution on your Quicken. Let’s start!

Fix Quicken Download Error 106, 324, 168, 999, Or -30

Reasons for Quicken Download Error 106, 324, 168, 999, or -30

List of causes Quicken Download Error 106, 324, 168, 999, Or -30 are noted beneath. Have a glance:

  • Due to having changes in the bank account name
  • If bank switch to a new account, then also you can get Quicken Download Error 106
  • If the bank server is down, then such an error code appears

Guide To Fix Quicken Download Error 106, 324, 168, 999, or -30 

There are two simple ways to Fix Quicken Download Error 106, 324, 168, 999, Or -30 With Ease. The desired steps are mentioned underneath you only have to follow them one-by-one. Therefore, let’s have a glimpse on the given points:

Guide 1: Deactivate Bank Account

To make your bank account deactivated in an easiest possible way, you are suggested to follow the beneath noted instructions. So, let’s follow:

  • First, you have to go to the “Accounts” menu and then select “Hide and Show Accounts” option
  • In the List column, find the accounts having the error and uncheck any accounts with this bank. Make sure that you have unchecked all the accounts with the bank even if anyone is not throwing an error code
  • In the “Account View”, highlight each account one-by-one and then click on the “Settings” button from the bottom right corner on the screen
  • Under the “At Your Financial Institution” section, tap the “Troubleshooting” option and then click on “Deactivate Downloads”
  • Repeat step 3 and 4 consecutively to deactivate each account for the affected bank

Once the accounts get successfully deactivated, then the next step you should take is to reactivate the account. Here is the guide to do it.

Guide 2: Reactivate Bank Account

Go through the instructions noted below to effort-freely reactivate your bank account:

  • First, you should tap on “Set up transaction download” under the “Settings” section
  • At the bottom of the window the name of banks are listed. If you find your bank’s name you simply need to click on the “My bank is not listed question mark to update the bank list”. Once the list updates completely, it will display the current date. You have to click on the “Show List” button to continue
  • Type the name of your bank into the required field and choose it from the list, then after you have to enter your login credentials correctly
  • After that, click “Continue”
  • Doing this Quicken will show a list of all accounts you have with this bank.  Appropriately link each of these accounts to the account you’ve set up in Quicken

This procedure will let you to download the transactions for 90 days from your financial institution. If you find any duplicate transaction, delete them immediately from account register.

Contact to Deft Connoisseurs For One-Stop Remedy

If the aforementioned steps are not fruitful in solving Quicken Download Error 106, 324, 168, 999, Or -30, then don’t panic! We have technical engineers who are very much supportive and intelligent. So, once you make direct connection to them for lending a hand will gonna be effectual for you. Call at helpline number and get united with top-most techies hassle-freely. The error will surely be resolved from the root in a minute.

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