The Process to Set up and Change Quicken File Name

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Quicken is a famous finance management program developed by Intuit. Inc. This feature-rich software enables you to create a budget, generate reports, and write checks. The setup process of this software is very easy. However, many people new to it desire to know how to change Quicken file name. Changing or renaming data files allows you to modify the name that Quicken assigns by default to your data files. It prevents confusion and you can better identify the file if you name it as per your preference. If you are a first-time user of Quicken, this article will help you to find out how to launch the software, set up your data file, and rename it. 

How to Launch Quicken?

There are three methods to launch Quicken. You can open it in any of the following ways. 

  • Open Quicken via the desktop shortcut – Just double-tap the desktop shortcut that Quicken adds to your system while it is getting installed. 
  • Launch Quicken through the Quick Launch toolbar – The Quicken icon is also present on the lower-left part of your screen. Tapping it and opening Quicken is one of the quickest ways to launch the program. 
  • Open Quicken through the start menu – Go to the windows taskbar and tap ‘Start’ followed by ‘All Programs.’ Then choose ‘Quicken 2009’ followed by ‘Quicken 2009’ again. 


How to Set up Your Data File in Quicken?

The data file of Quicken keeps your checking account and credit card statements. Although Intuit calls it a data file, your data is actually kept in various files. The data file is a crucial component as it allows you to make a backup of your data and shift it to a different system. First-time users of Quicken will face no issues in setting up their data files. The program guides and informs you about the entire process. But if you are not a new user, Quicken will convert your current data file, so it operates with the new program version. 

  • To set up a data file in Quicken, choose ‘I am new to Quicken’ in the Get Started window. The application will ask you to give the name of your data file. You can let Quicken specify a name and also select its place on your system. 
  • You will find the options, ‘I will use the default file name and location’ and ‘I want to choose a different file name and location.’
  • If you choose the first option, Quicken will name and store your data file. It’ll create a folder in your documents where you will find your new data file. 
  • If you choose the second option, you can give a name to your data file yourself. You can also store it in your desired folder. 
  • If you choose this option, tap ‘Next’ and go to the folder where you desire to keep the data file. Input a name for it in the ‘File Name’ box. After that, tap ‘OK.’ Your preferred data file will get created. You can customize the file through the ‘Setup’ tab, which opens immediately after.
  • When you customize the file, you can create different functionalities for managing your finances.


How to Change Quicken File Name?

Many people like to rename their existing Quicken data files. Although the option of ‘Save a Copy’ duplicates the entire file and allows you to change the name, people still prefer to change the Quicken data file name. In order to rename your data file, navigate to the option of ‘File Operations.’ Here you can make the relevant changes. 

  • Launch Quicken and go to the ‘File’ menu. 
  • Choose the option of ‘File Operations’ followed by ‘Rename.’
  • Select the file whose name you have to modify. Alternatively, you can also input the file name in the field of ‘File name.’
  • In the ‘New name for Quicken file’ section, input the newly made file name. 
  • After that, hit ‘OK.’ That’s it. You have now modified the name of the file in the Quicken application. 
  • After you change Quicken file name, you can still find the old name. It is present in the recent file list, which is there in the ‘File’ menu. 
  • When you tap it, Quicken will say that it cannot find it. It will then give the choice to delete it from the list. 


Why Data Changes When You Change Quicken File Name?

One of the most confusing things about renaming Quicken is the data change that happens afterward. Many users report that they find their accounting data changing after renaming their Quicken file in Windows. It is quite important for you to remember that Intuit insists on calling a data file a file, but it is a group of related files in reality. All these files have the same name. By default, it is QDATA. Although these files have the exact same name, they have different extensions. So, you must rename each file in order to prevent yourself from seeing any changes in your data. If you rename only a single file, it will result in total chaos. 

It is essential to update all the entries in the registry for the files you have renamed. You must take care of all these things while renaming the data file, so you don’t experience any unwanted data change. 


Steps to Find Quicken Data File on Your Hard Drive

Usually, the data files are there in the default area, which differs according to your Quicken’s rendition. You will find these files in the Document folder below the Quicken subfolder. But you have the option to change this location. If it is challenging to locate data files for Quicken, you can search for the files on your system through these steps.


  • Open Quicken and tap the ‘File’ menu.
  • Then click ‘File Operations.’
  • Now, click ‘Find Quicken Files.’
  • Here, you can locate Quicken files or select a particular data file name. 


Final Words

This handy guide will help first-time Quicken users know about their data files. Use the steps here to set up and change Quicken file name. You must ensure to change the name of each file as a data file is essentially a set of files. For further information, contact an expert Quicken technical support service. 


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