How To Differentiate Quicken Vs QuickBooks?

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Summary: Nothing can be more dreadful than selecting the best financial software for managing and maintaining business accounts. However, Quicken and QuickBooks are the two most widely used accounting software programs. In this post, we’ll make a comparison of Quicken Vs QuickBooks. So, don’t worry! You can easily determine which one to choose for your business. Stay tuned!


Quicken Vs QuickBooks: A Brief Introduction

Quicken and QuickBooks are the financial management software introduced by Intuit, Inc but the two are built for different uses. Quicken is a personal finance program utilized by individuals to manage personal and family accounts. Whereas QuickBooks is full-feature accounting software intended for small or medium-sized business owners. So, the major dissimilarity between Quicken Vs QuickBooks is – if you run a small business having multiple accounts and need to handle payrolls or sales, you can go with QuickBooks. But, if you want to handle personal finance issues, then consider Quicken. Moreover, Quicken is a budget-friendly application while QuickBooks is quite an expensive software product.

 When Do We Need To Use Quicken?

  • When you have to manage your own as well as family finances.
  • When you have to budget and track personal expenses and incomes.
  • When do you want to track, your retirement investments, and assets?
  • When you have a rental property and would like to manage leases and collect rent online.

When Do We Need To Use QuickBooks?

When it comes to tracking your business’s expenses and income, QuickBooks would be the better option than the Quicken accounting tool. Here’s the list to know when to use QuickBooks for your small business:

  • When you want to keep your business books separate from your personal finances.
  • When you have to personalize your invoices and track invoices as well.
  • When you need to manage billings professionally.
  • When you have a requirement for advanced financial reporting such as sales, inventory, and reports.

Differences In The Key Features Of Quicken Vs QuickBooks

No doubt, both programs are ultimately designed to manage finances. But, there are a few key differences between Quicken Business Vs QuickBooks based on the features and pricing rate. So, the detailed comparison between Quicken and QuickBooks has got covered in the post. Don’t worry! You will have a clear picture of these programs and can frequently decide the suitable one for your requirements. Take a glance!

Quicken Features

  • Monitor and manage personal finances on a single platform.
  • Analyze Cash flow reports and profit and loss projections.
  • Personal budgeting.
  • Keep an eye on the bank balances and track all your online transactions.
  • 100% Guaranteed full access and ownership of your business data.
  • Tools for maximizing tax deductions and creating tax-related reports.
  • Quickly identify expenses and cost inclination.
  • Track the performance of your investments.
  • Create invoices with no effort.
  • Financial information is highly secure and encrypted with robust 256-bit encryption.
  • Manage everything in one go by using the Quicken application.
  • Providing Customer Support via live chat process or phone call.

QuickBooks Features

  • Ability to track business expenditures and revenues from multiple accounts.
  • Instantly accept online payments.
  • Send and modify invoices.
  • Capture, organize, and print receipts
  • Track mileage, sales, and sales tax
  • Track and manage cash flow.
  • Print Checks facility.
  • Manage accounts payable and accounts receivable.
  • Inventory management
  • Run reports
  • Real-Time tracking
  • Manage and pay bills in no time.
  • Maximize tax deductions.
  • Business analytics and insights
  • Manage 1099 contractors
  • Track profitability
  • Customize access role
  • 24/7 Online Customer Support via phone calls or chat process.

A Flow Chart Of QuickBooks Vs Quicken

Comparison Quicken QuickBooks
Compatible Platform Windows Desktop, Mac, Online Web Browser, Windows Desktop. The Mac version is available in the US only.
Number of users to operate One Upto 40
Pricing Starting At $35.93 per year $15 per month
Best For Personal & Family finances Small and medium-sized business finances.
Payroll No Yes
Ease Of Use A little moderate User-friendly and even easier to use.
Remote Access Quicken cannot be accessed remotely. On the other hand, QuickBooks can be accessed remotely.
Tracking Investment Quicken allows users to track the expenses and the current market value of stocks and mutual funds. QuickBooks doesn’t allow users to track investments.
Household Inventory A user can maintain an inventory of household possessions. Whereas, QuickBooks doesn’t have this feature.
Availability Designed for Germany, Hong Kong, US, India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Singapore US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, UK
Mobile App iOS & Android devices iOS & Android phones.
Customer Support Monday-Friday online supports via phone calls from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. and chat process available from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week. Simple, Essentials, and Plus plan Monday-Friday online support and online chat process from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT and Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. PT.


Advanced plan: 24/7 customer support.

Integrations None More than 650 apps including QuickBooks Time, QuickBooks Payroll, and Gusto.
Maximum Number of Accounts Handling Upto 512 Accounts Unlimited Accounts with its advanced plan.
Time Tracking Not available Available
Invoices Generate unlimited invoices Generate invoices and monitor unpaid invoices.


After a comparison of Intuit Quicken Vs QuickBooks based on the features, pricing, invoices, availability, and scalability, you can decide the best one.

Quicken Vs QuickBooks For Mac

Fortunately, both Quicken and QuickBooks are available for Mac. So, if you are a Mac OS user, you can use either of this accounting software depending on your business needs. However, Quicken for Mac is designed to track and organize personal financial data. On the other hand, QuickBooks for Mac is designed to track small business finances. Even, with QuickBooks for Mac 2013, you can create invoices, tracks sales, and generate year-end reports to make tax filings smooth and straightforward.

Quicken Vs QuickBooks For Small Business

If you are a newbie small business owner, then Quicken will be a good choice for you. Your financial management requirements for your business will be fulfilled within the limited budget. It will be easy for you to track personal and business expenses separately and coherently.

While, on the other hand, QuickBooks is the complete package for entire small and medium-sized businesses. It has almost all the productive features that a small business would require at an affordable rate.

Know Quicken Vs QuickBooks Which Is Best

Quicken often offers very few features as compared to the QuickBooks application. Furthermore, Quicken is indeed much cheaper than QuickBooks. So, if your business needs are fulfilled with Quicken, then there is no need to look for QuickBooks. Otherwise, you will have to spend the extra money unnecessarily.

24/7 Online Professional Support For Quicken Vs QuickBooks

QuickBooks has all the essential features already available on Quicken excluding the personal finance management and rental property management feature. After the evaluation of Quicken Vs QuickBooks, you might have noticed that QuickBooks is a much more flexible and accessible accounting solution for small businesses. But, if you are looking for a tool to manage your personal finances, go for Quicken only.

Hope you got satisfactory pieces of information in this tutorial. If you need additional 24/7 Online Professional Support to clear your doubts, feel free to consult us. Dial the helpline number to connect with the dexterous tech geeks.