You can Add Bank Accounts in Quicken to track almost any account, asset, or liability you have in the real world. The more you comprise, the more closely Quicken imitates your true financial situation.  Therefore, if you are looking for steps to set up your account in Quicken, then go for as here you will surely get easy ways by experienced technical engineer’s hand. They know better how to deal with your problems and make your hurdles eradicated from the root in a minute.

Add Bank Accounts in Quicken

Steps to Add Bank Accounts in Quicken

Follow the below provided instructions as directed so that you will be able to add your account to the Quicken very effectively and hassle-freely. So, take a look here:

  • First of all, click on the “Get Started” button
  • Now, type your bank name or credit card number in the search field
  • Enter the username and password you use to log on to your bank’s account
  • Now, click on “Save Password” button to save the password for further use. This allows you to create a single, master password for your Quicken
  • Click Connect, and then Quicken account will connect to your bank. Download and automatically categorize your transactions. You can now see where your money goes and get your most updated account balances
  • You can add additional accounts, such as savings or credit cards, by simply clicking the “add an account” button and follow these above steps as it is
  • Or, you can add accounts at a later time by clicking the “add an account” button from the lower left corner
  • Once you done with the adding accounts, click “Finish” button

In case you are unable to understand even a single point, feel free to contact Quicken Help Number. We have experienced tech-geeks who will support you the desired solution of your related query. Don’t worry! We do not take too much time to fix the problem. We provide instant solution to the customers.