Being user-friendly and equipped with outstanding features, there may be some problems related to Quicken transactions. One of them is Quicken Downloads Duplicate Transactions that is the most common issue nearly faced by every user. However, this problem is not so big to resolve, go to and talk to support team you can easily get rid of this issue instantaneously.

These days a number of users are suffering from this Quicken duplicate transactions issue. It is easy to resolve, if you know about the full transaction detail. By simply looking at the download ID for these transactions, we easily conclude what’s causing the problem. But, do you know what duplicate transactions are and why these occur?

Quicken Downloads Duplicate Transactions

Sometimes, for a single purchase merchant unintentionally charged two or more times on a credit card. It is known as duplicate transaction. There are also few other possible ways, which causes this error. To tackle down this issue, firstly you need to know what’s causing these duplicate transactions by looking at the Downloaded ID.

Why Quicken Downloads Duplicate Transactions?

In to your register add the Downloaded ID column:

  • At the top-right of the account register tap on the Register Columns gear icon.
  • After placing a checkmark next to Downloaded ID, click on done.
  • Now, simply review the Downloaded ID.

Concluding which of the following circumstances causing duplicate transactions:

  • In the account register, unequal manual and downloaded transactions appear.
  • Downloaded transactions show twice, with dissimilar Downloaded IDs.
  • A manual downloaded transaction from bank’s website and downloaded through quicken has different Downloaded ID numbers and a replica of your data.
  • Deactivating and again activating quicken account might may show downloaded transactions again.
  • Transfers are come into sight twice.
  • With the same Downloaded ID transaction appears twice.

Methods to remove multiple duplicate transactions

  1. Multiple transactions can only be removed concurrently in the register. If you have to delete a number of duplicate transactions, go after the steps below:
  2. Create a backup of your data file, which make certain that you have a fall-back file that you can use to get back to where you were when you started this process.
  3. Choose the exaggerated account to see the register.
  4. Tap on the first duplicate transaction to emphasize it.
  5. Select each of the duplicate transactions in your register by holding the CTRL key on your keyboard.
  6. Once all duplicate are selected, right click on them and select delete.

By applying the above steps, you can easily remove duplicate transactions at your account registered account. If you have any additional query related to Quicken Downloads Duplicate Transactions or want to know more about above mentioned methods, then you need to make a call at our Quicken Help Number. Here, our tech-geek will receive your call and never leave you until or unless you get the right solution at your door-step.

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[…] Quicken Duplicate Transactions is one of the most common technical issues usually been encountered by many Quicken users nowadays. It is generally caused when the merchant coincidently charges several unusual times for a single purchase. Therefore, it is quite essential to resolve Duplicate Transactions in Quicken as soon as possible. In the below guide, you will get to know its actual fixing instructions. So, look at the below-given solving steps once: […]

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