Quicken Transfer format (QXF) is a file format that is used to move data from version of quicken to another. It is the most favored method to move as well as merge data between the two versions of Quicken. Sometimes, due to some errors you won’t able to import QXF file in Quicken. In that scenario, instead of taking stress simply take Quicken Customer Support and resolve this issue within promised time frame.

If you want to know more about QXF files, you can find it here. You can also get the troubleshooting steps to resolve any of your queries.

Quicken QXF File Wont Import

Know more about QXF files:

The only financial data that can be imported and exported by using QXF file format is limited to accounts, tags of non-investment and non-business accounts, categories, transactions and scheduled transactions.

Look at the steps to export financial data in to a QXF file:

  • Go to file menu then select file export
  • Choose Quicken transfer format (.QXF) file
  • Under the QXF export dialog box, accept of change the name of the file which is to be created
  • Simply select OK to create the QXF file
  • When the process gets complete, a confirmation message will display

Now, here are the steps to import Quicken data from one version to another using QXF file:

  • Firstly open the Quicken file in which you want to import the QXF data.
  • Here, before importing QXF data into Quicken file, we strongly suggest you to create a backup of your existing Quicken file. To create a backup, go to file menu, Click Backup and Restore then simply press Backup.
  • Now, to import file go back to File menu, select File Import and then click on the Quicken Transfer Format (.QXF) file.
  • Enter the name of the QXF file that you want to import or simply tap on browse to choose it.
  • Click continue to begin the importing file process
  • Quicken will displays those accounts which can’t be imported such as investing or business accounts.
  • When the process completes, you will see a confirmation message.

Well done, now you are able to import/export QXF data files from one version of Quicken to another. If you face some errors or difficulty while applying these steps, then you need to connect with experts via Quicken Live Chat support. Here, you will get your error fixed within a couple of minutes and able to import/export your quicken files easily.

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