The Exact Process to Get a Replacement Copy of Quicken

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How to Get a replacement copy of Quicken

Quicken is a famous accounting software that businesses and individuals everywhere use. The software has multiple features that are of much use to businesses. The financial software efficiently handles all monetary matters, financial insecurities and suggests the optimal usage of your money. One of the most significant functionalities is a replacement copy. But many people don’t know how they can get a replacement copy of Quicken. The replacement copy is provided by the software for versions that are currently supported. It is highly advantageous for users when they face an issue. In this article, you’ll find in detail the process of getting the replacement copy of the software and understand how it works.

How to Get a replacement copy of Quicken

The Process to Download a Replacement Copy of Quicken?

Cloud-based technology has led everything to come online. Quicken is one of the leading financial software that’s helping businesses worldwide. It efficiently arranges and optimizes your investment. The replacement copy is only available for the version that’s currently supported by it, which is Quicken 2018. You require a login ID and password for downloading it.

For knowing how to download a replacement copy of Quicken, first ensure that you have a Quicken account. If you don’t, then navigate to its official website and make a new account for yourself. After you create it, you can update the profile information of your Quicken ID if you want. Here are the steps you should know for downloading the replacement copy of the Quicken product. 

  • Sign in to your account by navigating to the official website according to your region. If you’re a resident of Canada, you should navigate to
  • After that, tap the option of ‘Sign in.’ You will find it present at the top right part of your computer screen.
  • Proceeding forward, select ‘My Account.’
  • Next, input your Quicken ID as well as password. Then click on ‘Sign in.’ If you find that you don’t remember your ID or password, don’t worry. You can choose the option of ‘I Forgot My ID or Password.’
  • Next, see the verification code. You will find it at your registered number.
  • After you find it, type in the verification code. It’s a 6-digit long code. After entering it, click the option of ‘Submit.’
  • According to the version of Quicken you have, you can download it. 


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For Quicken 2018

Scroll below to find the details of the plan in the section of ‘My Account.’ There you can download Quicken for Windows or Mac.

For Quicken 2017

If you have Quicken 2017 or a version older than that, you’ll find the download option at the bottom-left part of the ‘My Account’ part. Select your Quicken product, then click to download it. 

  • After the process of download completes successfully, tap ‘Run’ to start the installation. 
  • You should adhere to all the onscreen instructions for completing the process of installation. 


Some Alternatives to Get a Replacement Copy of Quicken?

Sometimes, users may find that the method outlined above doesn’t work according to how they expected. It makes them wonder, how do I get a replacement copy of Quicken? Given below are some alternatives that will help you to download a replacement copy.

  • Refresh your account page. You can refresh your account page through the reloading option. It will enable you to view other problems if they arise. It may be possible that there’s a network problem that you can fix by reloading your page.
  • If you have numerous Quicken accounts, select your actual account. It may be likely that you are employing another ID that does not have the option of downloading on the screen. So, you need to ensure your right account so that you can access the option of download. 
  • Reset the ‘Zoom’ option to view download options. It may happen that due to some disturbance in your Zoom screen, you aren’t able to see the download area. To resolve this problem, adhere to the steps given below. 
  1. Log out of your Quicken account. 
  2. See for the ‘Zoom Setting’ at Quicken’s official site. 
  3. Reset the setting to 100 percent.
  4. Now, sign in again and try to access the download link.


How to Install the Quicken Setup from CD

If you have Quicken 2018 setup, you can install it using a CD. This method is perfect to be implemented if you cannot download the replacement copy through the method described above. Follow these steps.

  • Insert the CD.
  • You’ll notice a welcome screen. Here you’ll find the option of ‘Let’s Go.’
  • If the welcome screen does not load, navigate to ‘File Explorer’ and tap on the CD drive for running the setup.
  • Tap ‘Let’s Go’ and then the option of ‘Continue.’
  • Now read the license agreement and accept it. Click on the ‘I agree to the terms of license agreement…’ checkbox. Then tap ‘Next’ to progress to the next step.
  • Select the directory destination folder if you need it. If you don’t, leave it as default. Tap on the ‘Install’ option.
  • After the process of installation gets successfully completed, you’ll notice a popup window appearing. It will have a ‘Congratulations’ message.
  • Hit the ‘Done’ option.
  • Proceeding forward, open Quicken and log in via your ID and password. 
  • After signing in, you’ll find that Quicken opens the recent data file.

That’s it. You can now work with your replacement copy. 


Final Words

This article gave you stepwise instructions on how to get a replacement copy of Quicken. You also know what to do if you cannot download it according to the standard method. If you find any issues in getting the replacement copy through the steps given in this article, it’s best to seek professional Quicken support services. The experts will give you all the solutions and needed information that will ensure that you use this software effectively. 

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