Apply 3 Steps to Fix Quicken Error OL-306-a

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fix Quicken Error OL-306-a

When there is a poor or weak network internet connection with Quicken or the bank server is unavailable, you might face Quicken Error OL-306-a. Therefore, verify the connection settings and know the working progress. You can verify the speed of Wi-Fi and if it is not providing a good internet signal, try to replace the router. Furthermore, check the cable connection of the router.

This blog includes the details regarding Quicken Error OL-306-a. If you want to seek help regarding this issue, this will be a helpful guide.

Quicken is the online financial software that offers users to handle and manage their financial portfolio. However, users sometimes face errors due to technical issues.

Quicken Error OL-306-a

Causes of Quicken Error OL-306-a

  1. Bank may have updated Security settings
  2. Old or Previous version of Quicken
  3. Firewall issue, popup blocker or alteration in Internet settings
  4. Either Quicken or Bank server temporary unavailable
  5. Wrong account credentials
  6. Chances are account has been closed

At times Quicken also fails to work due to the below-given errors:

Quicken Error OL-393-A, OL-306-A, quicken error ol-301-a

3 Easy Steps to Fix Quicken Error OL-306-A

Step 1: Make sure Quicken is updated version

  1. Go to
  2. Now, go to Help and then check for updates
  3. In case, Quicken is not up to date you will receive the notification to download and install the latest version on screen
  4. Tap on ‘Yes’ to begin the installation
  5. It will take a few minutes and don’t worry about the data as it will be saved

Step 2: Deactivate the current Quicken Account

  1. As your current account is experiencing the problem, you should deactivate it.
  2. Navigate to Tools> Account List
  3. Thereafter, tap on Edit
  4. Choose Online Services
  5. Hit on Deactivate and then tap on Yes
  6. Click OK
  7. Lastly, tap ‘Done’

You have to make sure Quicken files are safe. Therefore you need to go some additional steps:

  1. Go to File> File Operations>Validate and repair
  2. Make a click on Validate File
  3. Hit Ok
  4. Then, tap ‘Yes’ for ‘save the transactions’
  5. Once the process of Validation is finished, you will receive DATA_LOG notepad that explains your condition of Quicken file
  6. If any error persists, contact Quicken help center
  7. And, if no error occurs then reactivate the account

Step 3: Reactivate the Quicken account

  1. Click on Tools> Account List
  2. Next, tap on Edit
  3. Then, choose Online Services and tap Set up Now
  4. Thereafter, mention the login information of your financial institution (username and password)
  5. Hit ‘Save this password’ (if you require)
  6. After that, click on Connect
  7. Remember: During the reactivate process, quicken will take out the bank information. Make sure to click on LINK.
  8. Lastly, click ‘Next’ and then Finish

Helpdesk Centre

Were you unable to apply the above steps to troubleshoot Quicken Error OL-306-A? The major reason can be an issue in internal technical issues. In this situation try to connect to experts for the instant solution. The victim needs to convey the exact issue while performing the above steps. The senior professionals are well-versed and will guide you in each step to fix your Quicken issue. The technical team is present 24*7.