You can face Quicken Error OL-362-a while updating the account using online services. Error Code OL-362 commonly arises when the bank account data is out of sync with the bank server. This is reflected as OL-362-A or OL-362-B.

Symptoms of Quicken Error ol-362-a

  • While running Quicken, the Quicken Error ol-362-a pops up on the screen.
  • The Window runs very slow.
  • Internet connection speed slows down

Causes of Quicken error ol-362-a 

You might be facing ol-362-a quicken error due to the following reasons-

  • You have not installed the latest version of Quicken
  • The bank information fails to tally with your details
  •  Bank details are outdated

Fix quicken error ol-362-a

Do this before fixing error ol-362-a

Before troubleshooting the problem, make sure you follow the below mentioned steps-

Create a backup

It is best to have a backup before fixing error ol-362-a, just in case your data gets lost. Use the following steps to create a backup to be safe-

  1. Open Quicken
  2. Go to ‘Back and Restore’ and then click on ‘Back up Quicken File’
  3. Drag your cursor to ‘Back Up Now’

    Don’t download transactions automatically

    You might be required to deactivate your account but before that, it’s advised to turn off automatically add the transactions to the banking register tab that helps to dodge the replication of transactions into the account. Follow the below mentioned steps to do it-

    • Go to Edit and click on Preferences
    • Click on Download Transactions
    • You will see an option ‘Automatically add to banking registers’. Uncheck that box
    • Once you are done, click on OK

      Steps to Fix Quicken Error ol-362-a

      You can fix error ol-362-a by following these 2 simple steps.


      Step 1: Deactivate the account

      • Go to Tools and click on Account List
      • Click on Edit for the account where you are facing this error
      • Go to Online Services
      • Click on Deactivate and then select Yes
      • Once you are done, click on Ok


      Step 2: Visit the Bank’s website

      • Open your web browser and go to your bank’s official website
      • Log in to your online banking
      • Click on the link in order to download your web connect data into Quicken which is known as QFX File
      • You will be asked to enter your account details or use an existing account. Enter the particular details to proceed.
      • Once you are done, click on Continue. Your account info will get transferred to Quicken from your bank’s website.
      • Once it is done, open Quicken and go to ‘Account Register’ and accept your recently downloaded transactions manually in Quicken Register.

      You will be able to fix quicken error ol-362-a or error ol-362-b by following these above mentioned steps. However, if you still face an issue then dial our quicken help number.