Take Quicken Customer Support Help to fix Quicken Unexpected Error

Published by Gavin Jacob ,


There are a number of errors and the unexpected ones are perhaps the toughest to deal with. These unexpected errors can occur at anytime and sometimes, it becomes more of a guessing work to go down towards the root of the cause, rather than knowing where the problem lies. In several cases, the system itself provides the enough information regarding a Quicken error. So, you can know where to look at and how to find the solution. But, in the case of unexpected error, it becomes even more complicated to spot it. However, by taking assistance from Quicken Customer Support team professionals you can easily locate error and also get the proper solution for it.


On the other hand, here we provided some checks that you may perform to get some information and resolve unexpected errors by yourself.

How to resolve unexpected error that occurs while printing:

  • Launch Quicken and go to File menu.
  • Choose printer setup then go for checks, reports or invoices.
  • Check if printer dialog box opens or not.
  • If it doesn’t open, then in windows go to settings and choose printers & faxes.
  • Select your printer, simply right click on it and then choose properties.
  • Click ok to save changes and then try printing.

If this doesn’t resolve the error then continue with next step.

Try uninstalling and reinstall the quicken software:

The unexpected error may trigger due to the conflict between the Quicken and windows drivers. When this happens, you didn’t get much information regarding error and your system may freeze or stop to respond. To resolve these issues, you can uninstall quicken and then reinstall Quicken. Since, if there is any conflict issue, you can easily remove it via a fresh installation.

Steps to uninstall Quicken:

  • Go to the start menu of your windows.
  • From the settings menu simply go for settings and then click on uninstall a program.
  • Now, you can a list of all installed programs on your computer. In this list select quicken and then click on uninstall from the top of the bar.
  • Within a few seconds, windows uninstaller will automatically uninstall the Quicken from your PC and you are now ready to install a new version of Quicken again in your computer.

Learn to install Quicken:

  • Double click on the downloaded Quicken desktop file.
  • Follow the on-screen simple procedures to install it properly.
  • After quicken finished installing try launching it and now, you will see no error in your way to work in quicken.

That’s how you can easily get rid of any unexpected error within quicken that prevents you from working. However, if you face any issue while applying these steps or error is still there, then you need to call at Quicken Support Phone number. You just need to discuss your problem with the deft professionals which you are facing with every inch of detail and then they will provide you the best way to resolve your issue within a stipulated time frame.