Converting Quicken Windows to Mac doesn’t sound too complicated as both have been developed by a common tech giant, Intuit Inc. However, the users still have to be quite particular while choosing the right steps to convert Quicken Windows to Mac. The users can convert accounts, transactions, reports, and many such things from Quicken Windows to Mac.

If you are using Quicken version 2018 or later (in Windows), you don’t have to buy Quicken for Mac to convert the Quicken files from Windows OS to Macintosh. While for the Quicken version before 2018, there is a need to buy Quicken for Mac separately. It all happens because the Quicken released after 2018 is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. This article is prepared to eliminate the confusion about transferring Quicken from Windows to Mac and provide you a DIY guide online or manual methods.

Convert Quicken Windows to Mac

Verify These Things Before Converting Quicken Windows to Mac

You don’t want to wait, but you must verify some essential things before heading over to convert Quicken Windows to Mac. These are as important as transferring Quicken Windows to Mac.

  1. Validate & repair your Quicken in Windows file  
  2. Launch Quicken on your computer.
  3. Go to the File
  4. Click file operations and then choose Validate and repair.
  5. Checkmark in front of the Validate file.
  6. Click ok to save the settings.
  7. This process might take some time to complete, and once it’s successful, you will see the Data_Log file without any errors.

Verify that Your Quicken is Updated to the Latest Version

  • You can check for the latest version in the Quicken application and for that launch Quicken.
  • Go to the help tab.
  • Click check for updates.
  • Now keep following on-screen instructions to update your Quicken.

Make sure to create a backup of your File to avoid losing your financial data

  • Open Quicken.
  • Click the file tab in the top menu bar.
  • Go to backup and restore and click backup Quicken file.
  • Keep following the on-screen instructions to end the backup process.

Check your account balance before and after the conversion

  • Please take a note of the account balances before converting Quicken Windows to Mac.
  • In case the data doesn’t match after converting the files, then you will need to add them manually.
  • Additionally, edit any Quicken categories, go to tools, click category list, and alter the required categories.
  • Similarly, edit any Quicken payees, go to tools, click memorized payee list and alter the payees you want.

Now here is how to convert Quicken Windows to Mac (Manually or Online)

Method 1. Manually converting Quicken Windows to Mac using a USB stick

Connect USB stick to Windows > Backup Quicken file > Save in USB drive > Eject USB drive > Restore backup in Mac

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Here are the detailed steps to manually create a backup for Quicken in Windows

  1. Connect the USB drive to your Windows PC. Ensure it has enough space to store the Quicken.
  2. Launch Quicken on your Windows computer.
  3. Now go to the Files menu.
  4. Click the option backup and restore.
  5. Choose the option backup Quicken file.
  6. Next, you will need to checkmark in front of Add date to the backup file name and click change.
  7. You will be prompted to select the location to save the File, choose the USB drive, and click save.
  8. Finally, click backup now.
  9. Now eject the USB drive, and Quicken is ready to be converted from Windows to Mac.

Steps to manually restore Quicken backup in Mac

  1. Ensure your Mac is installed with the latest Quicken version; if it doesn’t, then navigate to the Intuit website and install it on your Mac.
  2. Connect the USB drive (loaded with Quicken backup) to your Mac.
  3. Now open Quicken on your Mac.
  4. You will be prompted to sign in to your account. Enter your Quicken ID & password and click the sign-in option.
  5. Now you will see let’s get started screen, here click start from a Quicken for Windows file and click next.
  6. After that, you will need to choose the File that you want to convert from a USB or flash drive location.
  7. Click on the data file and click open.
  8. Further, Quicken will start converting your data from Windows to Mac.
  9. You might have to wait for a few minutes as this could be a time-consuming process.
  10. Great! You have just converted Quicken Windows to Mac.

Method 2. Convert Quicken Windows to Mac using DropBox or Google Drive

Install DropBox or Google Drive in Windows > Backup Quicken file >  Save in DropBox or Google Drive > Restore backup in Mac

Let’s discuss the detailed steps to create a backup for Quicken in Windows (online)

  1. Firstly, ensure you have DropBox or Google Drive installed in your Windows.
  2. Now open Quicken on your Windows computer.
  3. Go to the File tab and click backup & restore.
  4. Click backup Quicken file.
  5. Click the option “Add date to the backup file name so that it should appear different” and click change.
  6. When the system prompts you to select the location to save the File, choose DropBox or Google Drive, and click save.
  7. In the end, click backup now.
  8. Now you can close Dropbox or Google Drive you are all set to restore Quicken in Mac.

Here is how you can restore the Quicken backup in Mac (online)

  1. Make sure to install an online medium in which you have created the Quicken file backup in Windows.
  2. Now open Quicken on your Mac.
  3. Enter your Quicken ID and password and click sign.
  4. Choose the options to start from a Quicken for Windows file and click next.
  5. After that, you will need to click on the Select File to convert and choose either DropBox or Google Drive location to save the data.
  6. Click next and Quicken files will start to convert from Windows to Mac.
  7. You might have to wait for some time as this could be a time-consuming process.
  8. Congratulations! You have successfully transferred Quicken Windows to Mac using an online medium.

Have you converted Quicken Windows to Mac? Now here is what you need to do 

It doesn’t stop here. Once you converted the Quicken Windows to Mac, you will need to check and verify a few things. The instructions are given below.

  1. Firstly, you need to check the categories and ensure that they are the same as in Windows.
  2. Open Quicken on Mac, go to categories, and click on the pencil icon to edit the categories.
  3. Similarly, you will need to check the payee’s list.
  4. In Quicken, go to payees, select your payee and then click on edit to make the changes you want.
  5. Also, check the accounts list and ensure that all the financial information is the same as in Windows.

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Hopefully, you enjoyed the overall process of converting the Quicken Windows to Mac (manually or online). You will need a flash drive or USB stick for the manual method while using an online medium will require you to use DropBox or Google Drive. If you are still confused about how to convert Quicken Windows to Mac, then you can straightaway drop us a call on the Quicken support number, and our Quicken expert will get in touch with you soon. We are available 24/7 for your assistance.

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