How To Take Quicken Data Backup?

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How To Take Quicken Data Backup

If you want to keep your data safe and secure from intruders, then you should create a backup file so that whatever is stored in your Quicken account, is completely safe. Quicken automatically saves the data that you have entered in the file on which you have been working. However, you may want to save a backup copy regularly on a CD, DVD, or flash drive. This is a way to safeguard your records in case your computer fails or you are moving your data from one computer to another.

How To Take Quicken Data Backup

Please note that a Quicken Data File has the extension “.QDF”. You will find two options for restoring your data. One is to create the backup in Quicken for Windows and another one is to use a USB thumb drive, CD, or DVD. The option is in your hand, you can go with any of these two. The entire procedure of both options is mentioned in this blog, you only have to read out this blog carefully and follow them.


Steps To Take Backup Of Quicken Data

backup Quicken data

We have mentioned the required information over here. So, stick your eyes on the below-noted points, you will get your answer for sure:


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How Do I Backup Quicken Data for Windows

  • To do so, firstly select File > Backup and Restore > Backup Quicken File…
  • Now, you will get two options for backing up your data. The first one is by using “Dropbox” and another one is by using “External Drive
  • To identify your latest backup, you can put a check next to “Add date to the backup file name”
  • Quicken will display the location of your saved backup file
  • Now, click “Back up Now
  • After doing so, your entire data of yours will be saved in Windows and then you can use them further as per your need.


Take Backup With Using CD, DVD, Or Flash Drive.

  • Insert the CD/DVD in your computer or else attach the flash drive you want to use for your backup
  • Now, open Quicken
  • Select the “File > Backup or Restore > Backup Quicken File
  • Select “Backup on my computer
  • You can click on the “Change” button to choose the location where you would like to save your backup
  • Now, click the button that reads “Back up Now” to start the backup process.


Restore Quicken Data Backup

  • Visit File > Backup and Restore > Restore from Backup File;
  • Then select Restore from your backup, then click Browse to search the Quicken Data Backup file with .QDF extension;
  • Once the file is chosen, click on Restore Backup.


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How Do I Backup Quicken Data for Mac Systems

  • Open Quicken and go to File > Save a Backup Files;
  • Select a location, then click Save, the file will have either .quicken2017backup or .quickenbackup extension;
  • To save it to a USB Drive, CD, DVD, etc, by selecting them as a location after the first step and click on Save.

To Restore the Quicken Data Backup

  • Go to File > Restore from Backup;
  • Search for files with .quicken2017backup or .quickenbackup extension;
  • Select the file to restore then, click on Choose.


To conclude, the above-mentioned steps provide you with the roadmap for resolving your issues with the Quicken online backup. These are meant to be followed exactly like they are mentioned in the blog. However, if you are still plagued by issues surrounding Quicken data backup, then give a ring on our Quicken support phone number where your call will be entertained by our deft engineers. They will guide you through all the steps in an easy manner so that you can create a backup within a minute.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1 Does Quicken Automatically Back Up Data?

    Yes, Quicken can automatically back up the data if it is set to auto backup. For that, open the Quicken program. Tap the Edit option. Then, select Preferences. On the left-hand side, in the setup section, choose Backup. When you choose this option, see if the tick is visible.

  • 2 Is My Quicken Data Stored in the Cloud?

    No, your Quicken data is stored in your computer folder. The Quicken Cloud is a feature that enables you to sync data between Quicken on the web, Quicken mobile, and Quicken desktop. Furthermore, Quicken Cloud is not a backup that you can restore from anywhere.

  • 3 How do I Save My Quicken Data?

    The Quicken data cannot be saved using any specific tool or command. Instead, it’s a spreadsheet or word processing tool where the data you enter is saved as work. Additionally, whenever you make changes to the data, the application you are using immediately saves those changes.

  • 4 Where is the Quicken Data File Stored?

    Quicken stores all its data in files, and these are stored in a location in Quicken. This is the default location that may vary for different versions. To find the files, browse the C drive. Select Documents and Settings and move to the User Name folder. Now, select My Documents and choose the Quicken folder.

  • 5 Can you Back Up Quicken Online?

    Yes, you can create a backup in Quicken online. You can also set up an auto backup. The process is easy. Firstly, launch the Quicken program. Then, select the Edit option. Now, tap Preferences. In the setup section (on the left side), select Backup. Please ensure that the tick is visible when you select auto backup.


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